How to become a French Foreign Trade Advisor (CCE)

The French Foreign Trade Advisors are appointed by Decree from the Prime Minister

How to become a French Trade Advisor (CCE) 1

They are chosen from among corporate officers, executive managers and independent professionals with responsibilities, who contribute to France’s influence internationally.

CCEs (French Foreign Trade Advisors) may also be named from among the officers and executives of professional organisations and associations, as well as from universities whose expertise is recognised in the field of international economic relations.

To become a CCE, the following conditions must be met:

How to become a French Trade Advisor (CCE)
  • Be of French nationality, or the nationality of another member State of the European Union, or another State that is party to the European Economic Area agreement.
  • Be under sixty-five years old at the time of first appointment.
  • Enjoy full civil and civic rights.
  • Provide evidence of at least five years of activity and practice in the field of international economics.

Any employee must obtain his or her employer’s consent.

He or she should then contact and request an interview with:

How to become a French Trade Advisor (CCE) 2
  • The advisor for international affairs of the Direccte of your region (labour & employment board), if your business is based in mainland France (;
  • The director of the Direccte, if your company is located in the French overseas departments and territories (DOM-TOMs) (;
  • The head of the Economic Department at the French Embassy of your country of residence if you are operating abroad (

When your appointment is published in the Official Journal, you should then join the National Committee of French Foreign Trade Advisors (CNCCEF), the organisation which assembles all advisors and forms the framework within which you will contribute to activities conducted by the network of CCEs under the scope of missions assigned to them: Advisor to Public Authorities, Support for Businesses, Training of Young People Abroad and the Promotion of France’s Attractiveness.